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News & information

You will always find the latest news on the Facebook page "Kennel van Venus de Milo".

Other information about the German Longhaired Pointer breed, health, points of interest, will be added here later.

usha on back as a puppy.jpg

Het ras Duitse Staande Langhaar

More information will come here soon.

shanti in the flowers.jpg

The health of the Longhair

Hier komt later meer info

good puppies 2017 brigitte.jpg

Even more information?

In Belgium there is only the BVDS club.

In the Netherlands there is the Dutch Longhair Association

In France there is the club together with the small and large Munsterlander.

In Germany there are several clubs, organized according to region.

You will also find longhairs in the UK, USA, Denmark, and Eastern Europe.

A nice book is that of the American.

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